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Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney

Image illustrating Lasting Power of AttorneyOne area that you might like to plan for is what should happen if you become mentally incapable of managing your own affairs at some stage in the future. A Lasting Power of Attorney enables you to nominate people to do this should the need arise, including managing your bank accounts, arranging for the payment of household bills and other expenses, and even proceeding with the sale of your property.

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney.  These are:-

  • A Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Affairs – which will enable your attorneys to have access to your property and finances and manage these on your behalf.
  • A Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare - which will enable your attorneys to make personal decisions for you regarding where you should live and who should look after you.  The Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney also enables you to give your attorneys the power to make decisions regarding life-sustaining treatment and the authority to give or refuse their consent to this on your behalf.

Enduring Power of Attorney

This preceded the Lasting Power of Attorney. Should you already have an Enduring Power of Attorney, we can advise you on what you need to do to continue to use the document. We can also advise your attorneys on what they need to do should it become necessary for the Enduring Power of Attorney to be registered at the Office of the Public Guardian.

It is always cheaper and easier to have put a Power of Attorney into place yourself whilst you are able to do this. However sometimes people become incapable of managing their own affairs and it is too late to make one. Then someone else may have to take some action on your behalf:

What to do if it is too late to put a Power of Attorney into Place and you need to manage someone else's affairs:

Consider a Deputyship Order

Download our information sheet on Advice for the Older Client

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If you are already making a will with us we will discount the cost of a Power of Attorney by £50. Please ask about this when you make your appointment.

Free Presentation on wills, Powers of Attorney and Inheritance Tax issues

If you have a small group of at least 10 people or more in the Aylesbury area we can arrange a free presentation by one or more of our solicitors about the above matters. We will also if need be come to visit you at your home. Contact Sarah Hemmings on 01296 424681 for more information.

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Things to think about before making a Lasting Power of Attorney

What sort of Power of Attorney do I need?  – Property and Affairs or Health and Personal Welfare.

Who would I like to appoint to act as my attorneys?

Do I need more to appoint one or more than one attorney and do I need to appoint a replacement attorney?

What sort of powers would I like to confer on my attorneys?

Would I like to place any restrictions or conditions on their appointment or provide my attorneys with any guidance as to how I would like them to act on my behalf?

If I am making a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney what are my views on Life Sustaining treatment?


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