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Using your local independent Solicitor to buy or sell your property


Image illustrating private house sale/purchaseIf you are buying or selling your home you will need to sort out conveyancing. Conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another, including the management of anything that affects or limits the title of the property such as mortgages, leases, or restrictions. It occurs in three stages: before contract, before completion and after completion, and is there to ensure that the seller is the owner, has the right to sell the property, and there is no factor which would impede a mortgage or re-sale.


Do Wilkins Solicitors LLP pay Estate agents for referrals and try to charge the fee to you through a larger bill?

No, we do not - we are independent of all of that so do not need to include these sorts of costs in our bills to you.  Estate Agents should also tell you if they are being paid a referral fee and not try just to refer you to their solicitor of choice. There is some helpful guidance on all of this at:  Guidance on Estate Agents from the Office of Fair Trading

We offer reasonable charges compared with our competitors - please telephone us on 01296 424681 and ask for an estimate...


If you are the seller...

We suggest that you contact us at an early stage so that we can get proceedings underway and avoid delay later in the process. Working through the Law Society's Transaction scheme, we will collect and prepare property information that the buyer's solicitor will need, obtain your Deeds from your mortgage lender and prepare a draft contract.

If you are the buyer...

Image illustrating private house sale/purchaseAs soon as you have found the property you want to buy and agreed a price with the vendor, this is the time to appoint your solicitor. Once instructed we will make a start on before-contract procedures, including carrying out local searches and making pre-contract enquiries. If you need a mortgage, Wilkins Solicitors are Panel Solicitors for most building societies and banks.  This means that we will normally be able to act for the lender as well as you, which minimises costs and helps to make the process as quick as possible.  It is essential to have a written offer of finance from your mortgage lender prior to exchanging contracts.  We will check that all the conditions in the offer are satisfied before you are committed.

The mortgage lender will carry out a valuation of the property. A standard valuation is not a survey - it is merely a valuation report for the lender’s benefit. However, different types of survey are available, and we can discuss these with you and advise you of which one will suit your individual cirmumstances.

A deposit will be needed on exchange of contracts, and this is likely to be at least 5% of the purchase price.  If you are selling as well, this can often come from the deposit from your sale.

If you are buying jointly with a spouse or partner you will need to consider whether to opt for a joint tenancy or a tenancy in common - we can advise you on this.

As well as helping you to sort out the financing, we will look at the information provided by the seller, help you to interpret technical documentation and advise you of any potential issues.

Exchange of contracts and completion

Once all the searches and enquiries are completed and satisfactory we will prepare to exchange contracts. This is when both sides are ready to go ahead, the two signed contracts are “exchanged” and dated, and the deposit is paid over.  The contract is legally binding and both parties are committed.  Completion is the date when the rest of the money is paid, the keys released and the deeds handed over to the buyer’s solicitor.  The date for completion is fixed on exchange of contracts and is typically two weeks ahead.

It takes on average 10–12 weeks to complete a conveyancing transaction, but some transactions are quicker, and others take longer due to a number of factors that may be legal, personal, social and/or financial.

Moving house can be stressful.  At Wilkins Solicitors we are totally committed to giving you a friendly, efficient and professional service, with your own experienced and dedicated Conveyancer guiding you right through the whole process from the start right through to completion. We will  provide you with an estimate of our costs, which are highly competitive, at the outset. We will advise you of the circumstances in which they may have to be increased, such as a fundamental problem with the seller’s Title or expected difficulties over planning aspects.  We will also give you details of Stamp Duty Land Tax, Land Registry fees and other expenses that go with the buying or selling of your home.

Personal and professional service

The Wilkins Property team has considerable experience and expertise in all aspects of Residential Conveyancing. We aim to provide a speedy yet diligent and professional service. As a client, you will be assisted by one of our property specialists. He or she will be personally responsible for your matter and will always be available to answer any questions you may have during the transaction.

As well as the more usual private house sales and purchases, Wilkins can also assist you with all other legal aspects of residential property, including:

  • Remortgages
  • Residential Leases
  • Rights of Way and Covenant Issues
  • Option Agreements for Land Sales
  • Key Worker Schemes
  • Shared Ownership Properties and Right to Buy.

To find out how we can help with the sale or purchase of your home, call us on 01296 424681 or complete our enquiry form.

Where can you come and see us for advice?  

Please note that although we mainly see clients at our Aylesbury offices, we can provide a solicitor to see you at home if you live in Buckingham, Milton Keynes or the surrounding villages.  If you wish this to be arranged, please contact us on 01296 424681. We can also arrange home visits around Aylesbury if you are unable to come into the office because you have a disability. 



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